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Wear Lively!

Surprise, I’ve been a Lively ambassador for a couple of years now! But now that I’ve been home so much lately I thought it’d be a nice time to really talk about Lively!

If you haven’t already heard of them, Lively is a woman-owned underwear and lingerie brand that really delivers some beautiful and comfy stuff in a range of sizes. I love that they really showcase not just real human bodies (vs. the incredibly edited and misleading images of women we’re used to seeing) but also share the stories of real women and their success and failures.

I think what really sold me on this brand (before even trying out their actual products) was the culture that surrounds it. Their site is full of feature stories and the “The LIVELY Podcast: No Makeup Needed” is really energizing to listen to. Beyond just their brand, I actually love what I’ve received from them.

First: The Colorblock Mesh Trim Bralette

The best bralette I’ve ever owned. That’s it. It’s so soft, doesn’t dig into my shoulders like most, fits properly, and is actually cute. I have this in a size L. This bralette is perfect for when you want to feel comfy to the max when you still have things to do, errands to run, homework to catch up on, or, if you’re like, paintings to stay up all night for.

Second: The Lively Tank

I absolutely love this tank top! It runs a bit large but is incredibly comfortable and one of the softest articles of clothing I own.

Third: Jasmine. Sea. Sun

The only Lively fragrance out as of right now and it is amazing. It smells like…jasmine, sea, and sun. I have the 50 mL Eau de Parfum but I’d love to also get the small rollerball to keep in my purse when I travel.

Since I actually strongly believe in this brand and want to be fully transparent, I do have an ambassador link. For a discount on your first Lively purchase, click here and use code “AMB-sararentas” to get $10 off at checkout!