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Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash

You Weren’t Born in the Wrong Era

I think it’s easier to see past decades as ideal if you would have been privileged enough to still take advantage of that era.


How to be a More Eco-Friendly College Student

Originally published to Her Campus UCF on March 29th, 2018. Although I’m no expert, this is a subject I’d like to expand on more, so I hope this piques your… Continue Reading


Kase For The Kardashians

Originally published to Her Campus UCF on March 27th, 2018 Whether you keep up with the Kardashians or not, here is why you might want to start seeing this influential… Continue Reading


“A Story Like Mine”: Thoughts on Halsey’s Women’s March Speech

An original article published to Her Campus at the University of Central Florida. Read the full post here.