Art, Drawing + Painting


Artist statement:
In taking on this appropriation of my favorite artist, I aimed to truly understand the method he worked in. Although done in acrylic instead of oil, I wanted to achieve a similar mood and texture. I’ve always been inspired by his work and life, so far as to keep his letters to Theo permanently on my nightstand and shed several tears at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
This painting was an exploration and a lesson in how to make something out of a blank canvas and a photo of answers I didn’t initially I didn’t understand. A training session for the eye to process color and form. An optimistic and rushed 24-hour project bringing me to nearly lose my mind, in true 1889 fashion.
A piece in honor of you, present and living Margarita. Innocently humble, brilliantly imperfect, present. Your sunshine kitchen and garden eternal.

Above are photos of the process of making this piece for my final in my intermediate painting class which was meant to be an appropriation and a self portrait. You can see pieces and parts of me in the Margarita flower in the lower left corner.