Art, Drawing + Painting


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for fun, so this is my way of easing back into this. This summer I took an intermediate painting class at UCF with Carla Poindexter and although I wish I’d had more time and emotional energy to dedicate to making quality work, I did come away with a couple pieces I liked and some really great feedback from a cool professor.
Skulls – The purpose of this assignment was to focus on light, shadows, mood, and tertiary neutrals. I didn’t plan to make this a black and white piece, and actually planned on glazing most of the canvas with blues and greens, but I ended up deciding to keep the color to a minimum. We were asked to use the skeleton as subject matter, treating it with some sensitivity to tell a story. In light of recent events and realizations, this wasn’t very hard to do. I’ve also always enjoyed drawing and painting bones.
Below is an image of the still life and progress photos taken at most stopping points in the process.