Art, Photography

October 2022 on FIlm

I took my little point and shoot on an adventure this season, starting with a weekend trip to Chicago, a few days back home, and then Cozumel and Grand Cayman. This was my first time in all of these places and I have to say I’m very pleased with how these turned out considering my goal with this roll was to allow myself to feel like a tourist, to take spontaneous photos of things that made me smile, of seemingly insignifcant human moments, which are oftentimes, at least to me, deeply moving. Some are a bit overexposed and give the feeling that the memory captured is already fading along with the image. The nostalgia and preciousness of it all is bittersweet.

Getting this roll back has also inspired me to take more self-portraits if the opportunities present themselves. I’ve struggled in the past few months realizing that I am always there to photograph everyone else but so rarely is there someone to photograph me. And while I always have me, I so often let the chance to document myself in these new environments slip. Admittedly, usually out of embarrassment, but also sometimes because I don’t think the effort will be worth the expected underwhelming result. I’ve changed my mind.

Fuji200 shot on Canon Prima BF-80 developed at photodom NYC.