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The Reign of Kindo at Soundbar

The Reign of Kindo holds a special place in my heart, and even though the past few weeks have been rough I’ve forced myself out of bed early on this Monday morning and hang around downtown before I make my way over to Soundbar.

Kindo has released four full-length albums that I’ve been consistently listening to since I discovered them in 2011. After seven years of missed opportunities, I finally caught them in Orlando late last year and knew I couldn’t miss them again. This time they’re playing Rhythm, Chord, and Melody (2008) in its entirety with a few extra songs thrown in as a treat. It’s significantly past my bedtime.

The lights dim to a dark red. Nightingale makes me nostalgic and warm. This song always feels like flying. Or what I assume flying feels like. Cathartic, like most of their songs. They play “The Hero, The Saint, The Tyrant, & The Terrorist” next before starting RCM from the top.

The crowd is already swaying in waves and nodding heads out sync to the different rhythm each person hears. I’m mostly anchored in the back with half a beer and grin when Joey thanks us for calling out of work tomorrow. He jokes he hopes we feel better soon. Rocco’s piano intro to “The Moments in Between” and the most satisfying harmonies that carry you through this song are already worth however much the show costs. This was one of the first songs I ever heard from Kindo back in ninth grade, introducing me to something in between rock and jazz that I’m still too unqualified to describe or understand, but this specific song is such an intense one I can’t help but join in. “Oh my God, what have I become?”

They play a couple more songs before taking a break to chat and ask if we remember where we were when we first heard RCM. I’m suddenly feeling very sentimental, but present. Above all, grateful I’m here. Joey shares with us how this music they’ve written so long ago becomes “not really [their] own” and belongs to all of us now. I agree completely.

“Let It Go”

“Til We Make Our Ascent” turns this tiny venue into a church choir by the end of it. It’s only fitting, now half way through the album, Joey takes a minute to shamelessly and rightfully plug the band’s Patreon where you can support them and listen to exclusive music and demos. “Something In The Way That You Are” brings me almost to tears with associated memories. But it’s so groovy I can’t help but still sway.

And now the album’s title track. A six minute instrumental song in which the sweeping and dramatic piano melody can sometimes be too much to handle. I mean this in the best way. We’re all silent. I’m out of breath.

They end the set with “Hold Out” as the last song on the album, and graciously come back for an encore and play “Smell of a Rose”, “Human Convection”, and “. I selfishly crossed my fingers for “Flowers by the Moon”, but I can’t complain.

They come down to chat with us, and if I didn’t have to be ready to teach some highschoolers in a couple of hours I would have braved the line to thank them once again.

Rhythm, Chord, and Melody is available for pre-order on vinyl now until April 4th, 2020.