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Distorted – “La Unica Que Quiero”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here! It feels good to start getting back into a rhythm and creating and sharing work, so I’m going to try my best to be a bit more consistent! This photo set is brought to you by my super cool photography class introducing me to a new medium and an extra couple hours I had this week.
In making these scans I wanted to, again, create work that was a bit personal and related to my great-aunt Otilia. This stubborn lady who took me out for Taco Bell way more often than she should have and kept dozens of little ceramic frogs throughout her apartment is so missed by everyone who knew her.
What is so strange about it being a year since her passing is the affect time has had on all of us. We look back through pictures of us in Spain and Greece, her as a young adult, experiences she’s had and everything feels a bit distorted. The whole of idea of pictures and their tangibility, superficiality, and sentimental value has been on my mind since reading Susan Sontag’s In Plato’s Closet.
“La unica que quiero.”